Subsea key components

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Subsea connectors

METAS subsea connectors are made of tita...
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Deep Sea Motors

Low power, high torque motors where the ...


The icListen Smart Hydrophone is a compa...
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Deep Sea Cameras

Metas Deep Sea Cameras are developed for...
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Deep Sea Flash and Lights

Metas Deep Sea flash and lights are deve...

METAS offers a range of deep water camera systems from small compact independently operated systems to complete photographic lander solutions. METAS also offers a range of flash units.The camera,flash and battery containers are made of carbon fibre with end-caps and flanges made of Titanium.

METAS can also custom design a photographic system to any desired specifications whether it is deep or shallow water conditions for long or short term deployments.Different digital cameras are available, from SLR cameras with selected wide angle lens to smaller cameras. All cameras can be controlled via Ethernet.

Metas designs and builds subsea Actuators and Motors, with completely customised software driven control systems for subsea applications. The Actuators and Motors are of high torque and low power consumption. All METAS Motors and actuators are oil filled, pressure compensated,constructed of titanium and tested to a depth of 6000m.

METAS subsea connectors are made of titanium with dual o-ring seals.The inner connectors core is of LEMO type and protected inside the housing.

METAS subsea connectors are available in a wide range of options. Shown below are bulkheads with ethernet RJ 45 termniation, a multi-funtional 6 pinned connector and a battery charging connector with a 60 amp current rating.

The METAS series of subsea connector focus on reliability, long cable range, low signal loss and high communication speed.

To prevent damage to the connector caused by galvanic corrosion, the connector is tnade of titanium. The solid connector and the bulkhead has been sucessfully tested open at 650 bar (6500 m depth).

The connector is delivered in four different size series, with different pin configurations and can be delivered as bulkhead connector or male/female pigtail connector.