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X-net System20191101092631

X-net System

X-net® system is a modular sensor deploy...
Subsea leak detection20191018075730
Subsea leak monitoring20191018075100
Subsea connectors20191018070221

Subsea connectors

METAS subsea connectors are made of tita...
Deep Sea Motors20191018061754

Deep Sea Motors

Low power, high torque motors where the ...


The icListen Smart Hydrophone is a compa...
Deep Sea Cameras20191018060004

Deep Sea Cameras

Metas Deep Sea Cameras are developed for...
Deep Sea Flash and Lights20191018054451

Deep Sea Flash and Lights

Metas Deep Sea flash and lights are deve...
Subsea Crawler20191018053915

Subsea Crawler

Through a partnership with iSeaMC, Metas...