Ocean Sonics Agent Norway

The icListen Smart Hydrophone is a compact, all-in-one instrument that logs calibrated waveforms, spectral or event data in standard formats and can be used to stream real-time data. The icListen can be used as a digital hydrophone, acoustic data logger, or both at the same time.

This compact instrument includes rechargeable batteries, large memory and 24 bit data acquisition system. The icListen detects real-time events and can log or transmit just the event data in real-time.

To see all available OS products, please visit their webpage here.

Stream/Collect waveform and spectrum (FFT) data.

• Use Lucy PC software to view and process data or enquire and set up instrument.

  • Use the Web Browser to view instrument status download logged data, configure instrument settings and put to sleep.
  • Use FTP to manage files on the instrument copy and delete stored data files, and install firmware upgrades.
  • Ethernet Interface icListen Models HE AE LF 200m icListen HF Engineered Plastic 3500m icListen HF Titanium ILO Ocean Sonics OceanSonics.com The Smart Hydrophone Company