Deep Sea Flash and Lights

Metas Deep Sea flash and lights are developed for long term deployment, in harsh conditions, with demanding quality. Each lighting system, whether supporting still image or video, has its advantages and best fit for specific applications. In addition to our standard designs, we also develop custom lighting systems to client requirements, incorporating lasers, multiple colored LEDs, various lumen strength, etc.

Please contact us with your needs and we will aid you in selecting the best lighting solution for your application!

Size: 120 x 275mm (d x 1)
Material: Titanium GR2
Sealing: Dual, Radial & axial
Depth rate: 250Bar
Interface: Connector for flash and power for camera MB2-8 connector
Weight: 3.4kg (In water: 0.3kg)

  • Maximum guide number: 58 (at ISO 100, 105 mm zoom setting)
  • Maximum illumination width: 24mm zoom
  • External Battery (-if connected to other than DSC-5210 Camera)
  • Installation brackets

Operation: O°C to 35°C
Storage: -20°C to 70°C