Communications Buoy

The Buoy can have a range of power supply options from single use batteries to rechargeable batteries using solar power or as in the case of the larger buoy, including a wind turbine. The larger buoy also serves to supply power to the monitoring systems below.

The Communications Buoy is designed for interfacing with the METAS Searching Lander or any third party stationary module giving live data feeds and remote control. METAS provides real time monitoring to a fixed platform, a vessel, or remotely via internet connectivity as well as data logging locally for subsequent retrieval. Integrated in the Communications Buoy is an Iridium module dynamic satellite controlled system able to restart the whole system or reconfigure any module as a backup communication option. It also contains an AIS (automatic identification system) which transmits the buoy’s position to all vessels within a 10 nautical mile radius. The electronics container can withstand pressures up 100 bar (1000m depth).